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Purple Pony Farms


Our Goats

The Ladies

Our girls consist mostly of Nigerian Dwarf goats and Nigerian crosses. We are also adding in Nubians and La Mancha crosses. We have a variety of breeds as we love the richness of the Nigerian's milk but, alas, they are called "dwarf" for a reason. They give small quantities of milk. With the larger breeds added in, we get quantity and quality. 

The Laddies

Our standing bucks currently include our gorgeous Angora buck Wizard and our Nigerian Dwarf buck, Buckwheat. Don't let size fool you. Buckwheat might be the size of a box of wheaties now but he is rapidly growing into the size of Napoleon. Or so his best donkey friend tells him. We are very proud of our boys as they embody not only wonderful traits of the breed but have outstanding temperments that are being passed on to their kids. 

The Fuzzies

We are also proud to own a superb, yet still growing, herd of Angora goats. We will soon be offering mohair for sale from our rather colorful herd!

In Memorium

Tilly 1/18/17 - 6/6/2019

Our sweet girl was part of the original herd that started Purple Pony Farms. In a series of tragic events that were impossible to predict or prevent, we lost her and her triplets. In our world of owning and raising animals, we experience so much joy but it also comes with great heartache. Tilly was a wonderful joy to have and our hearts were shattered when we lost her. We can only take comfort in that she has her angel wings and she and her babies are free of pain. Until we meet again, sweet princess Tilly. 

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