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Purple Pony Farms


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Goat Sale Page

We love our goats and have a blast every kidding season because, well, baby goats. No other explanation needed there. However, we cannot keep every baby goat that is born here. It simply doesn't work that way. Every year we make the big decision on who will possibly stay and who is going to go off to a new home.   

Our goat sale page differs from our store page. Here, we post goats for your consideration but, unlike our store products, we do not ship or deliver goats. They are pick up only. Please bear that in mind as we are located in east Texas!


Each goat comes with a filled out info sheet for your personal records and a New Goat Packet to help you get started. 

All 2019 kids have been sold. Please check back as we will update from time to time, especially around spring kidding season!

Next kidding season is expected to begin April 2020! 

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