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Purple Pony Farms


Our Farm

We are the Watts family. We are nestled snug in the Piney Woods of Nacogdoches, Texas with our plethora of goats, dogs, cats, chickens, horses and one donkey. Yes, we leave the Christmas lights up all year long. They make for pretty lighting back here in the woods.
Our farm came about when dreams and ideas crashed head-first into opportunities that were sprung from a field so far out on the left it was in the next county. Actually several counties. We are from the bustling metropolis of Houston. We fell in love with the lovely east Texas town and settled in. At first the goats started as mere pets but we, collectively as a family, are a little on the crazy side. We were so charmed by these slippery creatures that seemed to completely defy all laws of gravity and physics that we started to learn as much as we could.  
And the more we learned, the more into goats we became. We unexpectedly stumbled into dairy goats with our very first goats and once we tipped over the edge, we tumbled in head first. When we first started out, we had every intention on making only goat soap. We created some bars, handed out samples and gave them as gifts. Perhaps it was because we already used up most of our patience on our animals that while waiting for soap to cure, we decided to develop other products as well.
Family came forward. There was a need in particular amongst flight attendants (which our beloved sister and aunt works as), for a lotion that would truly moisturize and keep that dried, cracked skin at bay. We then had several nurse friends go nuts over the difference the lotion made in their skin as a result of the harsh sanitizers they used on a regular basis.  
So we got to work creating and re-creating the wheel in the world of lotions and skin care to land on the perfect recipe that can go anywhere and solve any skin woe, all with the power of goat milk. To our amazement, the lotion worked on the wide variety of skin ailments our own family had. Eczema, cracked cuticles, dry itchy skin and heat rash all were soothed away. We even used it on our mare who was suffering from a condition called Summer Itch. We watched as the thick, angry, itchy skin calmed down and she stopped trying to literally scratch her mane and tail off. (We do not test our products on our animals, nor do we sell specifically for animals. This was a last ditch effort in desperation before our gal needed steroid shots). We eagerly started passing it out for others to try.
Now here we are, hanging our banner proudly over our farm. The future is bright and we can't wait to see where it takes us.  
About Our Animals
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