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Purple Pony Farms


Bags and Bloomers

Purple Pony Farms is not just a one trick pony. We have quite the vast array of interests and talents. While our main focus is, of course, the animals, we knew we couldn't keep our other creative talents tucked away. Nancy is an incredibly talented seamstress and in her craft room that overlooks the pastures, can put together amazing pieces that we have decided need to be shared with the world. Thus, Bags and Bloomers came to be. 

The bags were initially created with flight attendents in mind. These bags fit perfectly with most suitcases, are sized with airline restrictions in mind, have pockets perfectly sized for books or magazines, and have a drawstring shut on them that quickly open and close and can be tucked away. That's not to say that's all we can make! We have a few styles and patterns for you to choose from!


A personal favorite is the pajama bottoms. Long have the pajama bottoms been made as Christmas gifts for family and everyone has been thrilled to get them. Many friends have received tham, including children. One child wore his long after he outgrew them, stating they were too comfortable to give up. Unlike store bought pajamas, these pajamas are wonderfully loose and flowing so no matter what size you are, nothing will ever pull or constrict. Unless, of course, you are a child who grows insanely fast in less than a year. We can't quite help that one.  

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